Christianne Sainz
Senior Company Member
Actor, Trampolinist, Coach
Skills: Aerial Silk, Trampoline, Partner Acrobatics, Fire-Eating
Schooling: BS in Theatre from Grand Valley State University
Background: National and International Champion Trampolinist: AAU National Champion 2003 & 2004, USTA National Champion 2004, USA Gymnastics National Champion 2003 & 2004. Competitive gymnast and trampolinist for over ten years. Acting credits include Alice in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Zani/Rocco in Servant of Two Masters, and Mote in Love's Labours Lost. Has toured with Aerial Angels to Alaska and Ohio, and seen the inside of airports, buses and sports arenas in 15 countries.
Favorite Fruit: Star Fruit
Cats: 1
Fact: Cheese makes her deaf. She eats it anyway.
Angels Connection: Allison guest directed a show at her college - we met on the theatre stairs.